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Welcome to TORSO - doors manufacturer from Lithuania.
We have been successfully producing interior, exterior and classified doors for Scandinavian countries for more than 20 years.

Torso has developed three standardized production lines to meet the needs and wishes of different customers: Optimal line, Master line, Pro line. Moreover, there is a special Master Plus production line focused on the non-standard products, additional accessories selections and various services.

Optimal line
Eco-class products which production, assembly and dimensioning are optimized and standardized. This line was developed in order to meet the needs of DIY and wholesale warehouses for the most optimal solutions.

Master line
Products that match the highest TORSO quality with large selection of standardized products and dimensions. Name of production line itself is reflecting our product quality philosophy.

Pro line
There are specialized, certified products with special Fire and Sound proof classification products.

Master Plus line
Products that require additional services such as custom preparation and packaging, non-standard product dimensions, special coloring (any color from NCS and RAL), different glass types, accessories (locks, hinges, etc.) and many other features and services to meet any customers' wishes.

„Vakarų mediena Torso” has no direct trade, and this site is intended for information about the products and as a download source of technical queries. Upon receipt of the request, we will transfer the one to a number of delegates of our company within your country, as well as the nearest representative of your choice further.

We are


We are successfully producing inside doors and frames more than 20 years.

High Product Quality

All our doors and frames are exported for Scandinavian markets - Denmark, Sweden, Norway and to Finland.

High service level

Returning customers are the best proof of our services quality.

We export

All our doors and frames are exported for Scandinavian markets:


Production base do not perform direct sales for customers.