Master plus

Other information

Use Doors for use externally in houses and apartments
Thermal transmittance U=0,91 W/m2K panel doors / U=1,20 W/m2K glass doors
Door type Outside opening (for Danish market - DK model inwards opening)
Sound transmittance 31 dB
Door thickness 62 mm
Decoration White painted S0502-Y, gloss 25, 1 layer - impregnation, 2 layers - priming, 1 layer - painting
Frame, profile Single step profile: 42x105, 42x115, 42x105NOR, 42x115NOR
Bottom section-threshold Hardwood impregnated 26x105, 26x115
Standard accessories Lock: ASSA565. Hinges:3248 - 2 pcs. Seal: S3417. Lock pate: 0034 ZN
Glass lists PVC plastic glass list
Glass Transparent single chamber glass packet (double glass - 12mm)
Non-standart size production Available for all models at master plus
Decoration according NC and RAL Available for all models at master plus
Other glazing options Not available
Other lock case and hinges Available for all models at master plus
Product quality warranty 7 years, factory guarantee
Product quality warranty 10 years, door blade form
Marking CE / European

1. HDF panels surface, 3mm  

2. Aluminum panels

3. Finger joined pine wood frame 

4. Glass package, 2 glasses

5. PVC plastic glass lists 

6. Polystyrene core 

7. Rubber seals 

8. Frames, profiles 42x105,42x115,42x105NOR,42x115NOR

9. Threshold, hardwood, 26x105, 26x115

10. Door thickness 62mm

U=0,91 W/m2K  |  U=1,20 W/m2K


Master plus Line

Min/Max size
Min width
Max width
Min Height
Max Height
160 2040
M size
2.35 21

*The minimum and maximum dimensions of the door leaf is specified for one leaf door. If you want to order a double door, each of the door leaf must not exceed the allowable dimensions.